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It’s New 2 Me Charity Shop was officially launched on June 11, 2009. The shop is located at House 3 Prince Alaba Oniru Way, Oniru Royal Estate, Lagos. Our mission is to raise funds from proceeds of the store to support Charity works at RCCG City of David.

It’s New To Me sells new and nicely used clothes and household items donated by members of the church at a fraction of its original price. It was closed for renovations in March 2015 and will be officially re-launched on Sunday, September 6, 2015 to serve its customers better.



“I am a driver with a wife and four kids. I got a handbill of the shop from a friend and I thought the prices my friend told me was just to catch people’s attention but I was wrong because I was able to buy a lot of designer clothes and quality items at a giveaway price with the little money I had. This is amazing, it is truly where ‘The love of God reigns’. My prayer for the founder of this ministry and also for the donors is in Deut. 28:1-14. May God bless you all in Jesus Name!” -  Mr. Paul from Obalende

“I got a wedding gown in It's New 2 Me Charity Shop for a token. It was as if I got it for free because this same gown, I saw it in one of those very expensive boutiques. In fact, God will bless Pastor I.D and all the donors who made me to look very gorgeous on my wedding day without spending so much for the gown. I pray that God Almighty will open great doors of blessing to the lovely donors of this great ministry in Jesus Name!” - Benita from Ojuelegba

“I work very close to the charity shop. Initially, I was thought the shop was for RCCG, members only. But to my greatest surprise it is for everyone who can’t afford to buy things in the mega stores. The prices on the items are extremely cheap. I bought baby items like baby cot, walker, clothes, etc. Within the space of 3 months my neighbours asked me where I got such beautiful items. I told them it was It’s New 2 Me Charity Shop. God bless the initiator of this wonderful idea. Pastor ID, GOD will continue to lift you up in Jesus Name. Also, to the donors of this charity shop, may God enlarge your coast as you have put smiles on my family's face and that of the less privileged in the society.” – Ugonne from Ajah 

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