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Pastor Ayo Thomas


As humans, there are certain areas of interest we have that attract our attention and take most of our time. For example: sports, movies, news, games, hangout, resting, dancing, relationships, etc. Sometimes, these areas of interest affect your emotions and you get attached to them.

What are the areas of interest that catch your attention or concentration?

What things are you passionate about and why?

What value and sacrifice can you make for such interest?

Can you pay to fulfil your passion?

Does your passion demand your loyalty or commitment?

Can commitment to these interests turn to addiction?

What are the likely effects of the pursuits in fulfilling these interests?

Does it demand a discipleship?


There are some benefits that can be derived from your areas of interest. For example, it can lead to bonding, especially for those who share the same interest with you. Other benefits are; networking, mentorship, moment of relaxation, establishment of relationships, etc. In addition, there are benefits in hanging out, especially when you hangout with God, the All-Sufficient One, and also when you hangout with other brethren. The Bible says God loves the gathering of His children, and this gathering is what we refer to as City Hubs.

City Hubs are life centres where we gather to share and learn  from each other, where also we can be deeply rooted in the Word of God. City Hubs can be found in homes, offices, the marketplace, factory locations and places where people can share their interests laced with the Word of God. Don't let the secular hubs take too much of your time, because whatever satisfaction you derive from them cannot last; but when you back it up with interaction with God, you will derive permanent satisfaction.


When you come to the Hub:

1. You come to receive solutions to issues of life.

2. There are convergence of life experiences that are made available for you to learn from and be able to take rightful decisions about your life.

3. Deep knowledge of the Word of God is shared, and the testimonies of others will be an encouragement.


As you have passion for the things you have interest in, let God be involved in it, so that you can live a fulfilled life. When you are successful in the things you have interest for, you celebrate.


Benefits of Hanging Out with God In The Hub

1. When you hangout with God in the Hub, you will celebrate.

2. Hanging out with God in the Hub through praise will provoke divine deliverance (Acts 16:25-26).

3. Hanging out with God in the Hub provokes increase and multiplication (Mark 15:32-39).

4. Hanging out with God in the Hub makes impossible things become possible (John 11:41).

5. Hanging out with God in the Hub gives light, revelation and vision (Acts 13:1-2).


In conclusion, if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, hanging out with God will be impossible. If you want to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, surrender your life to Him and confess your sins to Him; and God will transform your life, forgive your sins, fill you with the Holy Spirit, and write your name in the Book of Life.

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