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[A message by PASTOR IDOWU ILUYOMADE at Digging for Gold Service on Tuesday, August 1, 2017]


Reference Scripture:

PSALM 91:8 - “Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.”

This is a month of a New Song and from what God has been teaching us we know that even though some bad things are happening we will not be partakers or suffer any loss. This is a good way for God to usher us into the Month of New Song because when people around us are singing songs of sadness or calamity, our song will be different in Jesus name (Job 22:29, Isaiah 60:2). God says it doesn’t matter what is going on in our countries, cities, streets, families; our story will be different in Jesus Mighty Name.

There may be no activity for a long time possibly because of stagnancy, but because we have entered into the month of a New Song, the LORD will arise.  When God arises, two things happen – all our enemies will scatter (Psalm 68:1) and it will be our time of favour (Psalm 102:13). The time to favour Esther came in Esther 8:4-5, 16, when there was a reversal of the evil letter Haman wrote to exterminate the Jews; and they began to sing a New Song. I prophesy that as God arises, all our enemies will scatter, the mercy and favour of God will rest upon us, and there will be a reversal of fortunes for the better. We will move from poverty to plenty, from sickness to wholeness, everything we lay our hands on will prosper and God will give us a New Song to sing this new month in Jesus Mighty Name. 

Psalm 91:8 says “only with your eyes will you see the reward of the wicked.” The question is: who is the wicked? A sinner is branded as a wicked person before God. Someone that delights in the downfall of people is a wicked person or that pays evil for good.  However, we may have been wicked to other people in the past, for the Bible says all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. Some maltreated their housemaids, stole from others, jilted others, while some had betrayed their friends or had been mean to their siblings. But we thank God for His mercies and the blood of Jesus that has cleansed us from our wickedness.


  • “Some people who are sad when things are going on well for you. An issue happened in the office and I was basically blamed for it and one of my colleagues seemed very happy. An investigation was carried out and I was found not guilty, her countenance just changed and she became sad.”
  • People who pay evil for good. “There was a colleague I loved and cared about in my office such that I took her as my sister and introduced her to my family. One day, I shared some private matters with her and I forgot about it. Afterwards, she started revealing my personal secrets to everyone and I felt so bad.”
  • “Last year, I went out with my boyfriend and my lady friend; she saw that the guy was very nice to me, and she collected his phone number behind my back. The guy told me about it and she pretended as if all was normal whenever she came around. She chatted with him telling him I was a bad person and the guy had to warn me about her.”
  • “When I was growing up I was the only girl, I had four brothers and they were always bullying me. One day I asked my brother to fetch water for me to cook food, he took the bucket and went to play football. I went out and saw him playing ball so I took the bucket, fetched the water, cooked and I locked the kitchen door. I waited for my parents to come back, I served them their food and locked the kitchen back. My mum asked if they had eaten and they complained to her that I locked the kitchen.”
  • When I was in school if my pen gets missing, I would just take someone else’s pen to write.
  • “When I was in primary school. We were rearing chickens and our neighbours also had chickens they reared too. Their chicken laid so many eggs and it hatched while ours refused to, I became very angry and picked up the chicken and killed it.  
  • “Growing up there was a little boy that was our neighbour. One day, I called him to help me do something. I finished cooking and I called him to get his food; he said since he’s helping me I should bring the food to him so I took the food to him. He now asked for drinking water, so I gave him water with salt sprinkled in it.”
  • “Some years ago, I was living with my grandma and female cousin. I did so many bad things to her like pouring water on her bed, throwing her school sandals in the gutter and till-date we don’t talk to each other. I pray God should forgive me.”
  • You have to go to her to apologize or call her. You have to find a way to restitute.
  • “When I was younger and rearing chickens, I was very wicked, and the way I did it was very intelligent. I will mark families around the environment that had plenty chickens and can’t recognise all of them. I had some chickens too that they were aware of. I would mark a chicken during the day knowing the colour and the exact details of the cock. During the day time, I would get the cock and give it a mark and let it go. Then I would freely go to the house of the owners to inform them that I have a missing cock that they should allow me search amongst theirs, I would find it and lay claims to the cock as mine. It was a wicked at that I had to restitute later. Also, I was a sales boy for a woman and most of the time I left her shop with N1, 500 daily in 2001 for about 10 months. When I got born-again, I didn’t have peace and I went back to restitute.”
  • Husband: “In 2010, I started dating my wife, I travelled abroad for my Masters Programme, and we kept the relationship long distance. There was a point I came to Nigeria and she was undergoing her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) far away in the North, and she said she was coming to see me. At that time I was already tired of the relationship, and when she arrived I broke her heart. I said I didn’t want to see her, she cried and went back. Fast forward to three years after, I got married to her.”

How did you feel that day, am sure it’s a day you can never forget?

Wife: “He was my first love, he was travelling out of the country when I met him. I was in school as an undergraduate and he was going for his Masters and we kept the relationship distant. Maybe because he was my first or I really loved him I stayed and I wasn’t thinking about marriage. Before I came from where I was serving to see him, the relationship was already getting rough, he said he was tired of the relationship because I wasn’t having sex with him. I wasn’t considering it but I thought why will he come home and I wouldn’t visit him. I came from where I was serving to Lagos and went to another state for his Aunt’s wedding. I went to his family house and everything was weird. He was so cold and I was really embarrassed.”

Thank God, they are happily married


However, for anyone who is not a child of God, is called a sinner but even if your act of wickedness is monumental, the blood of Jesus that washed us clean can wash you clean too. If you are willing to repent and surrender your life to Jesus Christ, then pray this prayer right now: LORD Jesus, I come to You right now. I know I am a sinner, please forgive me my sins. With my mouth, I confess that from right now, Jesus, I accept You as the LORD of my life. Please change my heart from a disobedient heart to an obedient heart. I believe that it is because of me You came into this world. You died for my sins, You took away my sins, take away my problems also. Please write my name in the Book of Life, wash me clean with the blood of Jesus and make me brand new in Jesus Mighty Name.

This is an excerpt, to get the complete message in CD & DVD, please visit the Word & Sound stand or visit the sermons podcast on our website.

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